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    Driver feedback, simplified.

    The world's first law compliant, high quality driver feedback device. Increase communication, increase awareness, and have fun!

    Old problem, new solution.

    Replace dangerous driver communication like brake checking, yelling, spraying washer fluid, and whatever you crazy hooligans do nowadays... with something harmless, funny, and fun!

    Compliant with state and federal laws.

    Amber yellow, non-flashing lights are allowed by most U.S. states in the back window of a car. Further, the 1st Amendment widely protects the right to give [anyone] the middle finger.

    Designed to perfection.

    Tested and refined over 5 years (seriously it took me 5 years to figure it out), the Flik works on every car. It automatically adjusts brightness to be visible during the day and dims at night so it doesn't blind other drivers!

    Diffuse tense situations.

    As one Amazon customer wrote, "I was surprised when I turned road rage into laughter!"

    Make driving fun… risk free!

    The Flik makes driving fun. With our 30-day money back policy, we guarantee it.