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    The FLIK was created in Brooklyn, NY.
    We are supported by a team of serial entrepreneurs who design, build and manufacture products starting with just an idea.


    Evan Tripp,


    Product Design
    Nick Johnson,


    Web Design
    Sina Jazayeri,

    Message from the Founder:

    court·te·sy : behavior marked by polished manners or respect for others

    One of my favorite acts of kindness is physically holding a door for someone. It's a simple and easy gesture, and is often met with a smile and "thank you" in return. I love these simple exchanges of courtesy, they just make you feel good.

    Our goal with the Flik is to encourage more courteous driving by helping you say "thank you" on the road. However, negative feedback on the road can be helpful too. At least with the FLIK, you can communicate negative feedback in a way that leaves the recipient awestruck and thinking about your cool new gadget :)

    We are very proud of how well the FLIK has been designed and built. But the most important fact for you is that the FLIK makes your driving experience much more enjoyable.

    Thank you for being a customer. Stay safe and please connect with us on Instagram to share your own stories using your FLIK.
    Driver feedback, simplified, FLIK.